Janmashtami Special Recipes

posted by Vidhya , September 03, 2015

Baked Coconut Milk Murukku/Chakli and Thattai

Coconut milk murukku is very famous in Tirunelveli. The murukku is white and of course, crunchy and loaded with the flavors of coconut milk and oil. I love this murukku and started making the same at home too. But this time I thought, why not bake it instead of frying? Can you believe it's an under 30 minutes dish? So why we can't we try this for this Janmashtami? Presenting the Baked Coconut Milk Murukku!



Just tried some thattais with the left-over batter from the presser. :-)

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Vella Aval Upma / Sweet Poha

We usually prepare this Aval/Poha upma with jaggery for Janmashtami. Why do we prepare this upma with poha? Because Lord Krishna loves poha. :-) Yes, I would like to share the story of Krishna and Sudama. Many of us might know it already but here it is again.

The tale of Sudama and Krishna comes from the Bhagavatam. They do their schooling together and after that, they move on in their lives. Krishna becomes the king of Dwaraka whereas Sudama returns back to his town and lives a simple life. Sudama goes through bad time in his life and even in that situation, he doesn't want to get help from Krishna. But when things go out of his hand he goes and meets his friend and he takes the beaten rice / poha for him. Krishna treats him royally and overwhelmed Sudama doesn't ask for help. When he returns to his home he finds a huge mansion in the place of his small house and notices all the wealth. He thanks Krishna and continues to live a simple life. This story emphasizes how an ideal friendship should be without any expectations and true devotion to Sudama.

So now coming back to the recipe, this recipe doesn't need any special occasion. It's a simple recipe perfect for toddlers and can be served as a snack too.



That's it. Yummy poha is ready.


All image credits: Vidhya

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