7 Lovely Activities to Do this Diwali

Whether it's a Diwali wreath to hang on the main door or beautiful Diwali lamps, we give you 7 activities to do this Diwali with your kids.

Book Review: When Bholu Came Back by Kavitha Punniyamuruthi

A winner of the prestigious South Asia Book Award, When Bholu Came Back is published by Tulika and is about a camel who keeps coming back to his master!

Take Diwali to your Child's Classroom!

Whether you are in India or living outside India, Diwali is one festival you can easily introduce to your child's class. From books and recipes to the mythology and customs, we tell you how to bring the Festival of Lights to your child's classroom!

Book Review: Dev and Ollie Camel Caper

Are you all ready for a new adventurous ride with the Dev and Ollie pair? This book by Shweta Aggarwal is perfect for children who are 4 years and above.

7 Diwali Sweets With a Crossover Flavor

We give you 7 Diwali Sweet Recipes with an international flavor!

6 Modern and Fun Picture Books for Kids on Diwali

We bring you 6 Modern and Fun Picture Books on Diwali that your kids will love! These books for kids are wonderful in every way.

8 Traditional and Fabulous Picture Books for Kids on Diwali

We give you 7 Picture Books for Kids on Diwali and why it's celebrated. Your children will love navigating these beautiful pages. Some of the books have roadmaps and coloring pages!

Book Review: Mata, Mama and Me

Mata, Mama and Me by Swamini Supriyananda is a beautiful picture book on the power of a mother's love and the universal principle of bhakti that resonates with everyone!

Book Review: Little Laali by Alankrita Jain, Published by Tulika Books

Little Laali wants to climb trees and explore the world but all she hears is the word 'no!' What will her inquisitive spirit do? Don't miss this brilliant book from Tulika! Kids grow fast. Although parents of newborn babies admire the cuteness of the little ones always, they also wonder ...

New Releases From Karadi Tales: 'Babban Hajjam' and 'The Insect Boy'

Karadi Tales releases Babban Hajjam and The Insect Boy, two very unique books! One is based on an old folktale and the other is a curious and fascinating tale about a boy and his many experiences with all kinds of insects, whether mosquitos or bed bugs. There is something else ...


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