About Us

What is Toka Box?

Toka Box is our way of sharing our love for books with the world. Reading to our children is great way to spend quality time together. It is also a great way to share ideas and pass on our values.

Toka box is curated with love and care for children in the ages 3 to 5 yrs - Toka Junior and 5 to 8 yrs - Toka Explorer. Each box comes with a curated hand-picked picture book with a focus on South Asia.

We live in a diverse world and yet when it comes to representation in the US, only 12% of the children's books out there are representative of people of color.⠀

Representative Books Matter. They build self-esteem and identity and are important to build a love of reading. We bridge this gap with Toka Box.

The box also includes specially designed activity that builds on the book reading experinence along with building literacy and STEAM skills.

We will be launching - Toka Peanut, a board book subscription for 0 - 3 year olds, soon!

Why Toka Box?

A Magical Book

We all know there are days when we are all running around at top speed, getting work done, dinner and baths done, laundry and dishes and we find sometimes that we haven’t paused to bend down to our child’s level and see what they have been up to. We all have those days. Books help us connect back with our children. The ritual of a bedtime story immediately slows down everything and offers us the space we need to reconnect with our child. Questions are asked, new things are learnt by us and by the kids. A daily or nightly connection back to the center of ourselves and our lives.

A Specially Designed Activity

We feel the same way about the activities that we have linked to the book. The idea came to us from library story times here in the US. After the books are read, the kids get to do a small craft project.This is sometimes the best part, because they get to take home something that they created. And it is proudly displayed and played with. With the activity inside the box, we hope to recreate the same experience for you at home. Make sure to have an art display wall at home where your child can proudly display their creations and drawings!

A Delicious Recipe

Use the recipe in the box to cook with your child and build memories. Smells always trigger memories.What better way than to link the smell of strawberries or cinnamon to trigger happy thoughts for our children about cooking with their moms? Of course, practice math when you cook, after all you have to measure and count!

The Team


Preethi & Srividhya

We are software engineers turned mompreneurs and the co-founders of Toka Box. We curate this box with care and love from California, to bring the love of books to children.

We always value your feedback. If you have thoughts, feedback , suggestions, good things to say to us or even bad, contact us via email. We would love to hear what you think.

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Curated with Care in California