Subscription and Offers

How do I subscribe to Toka Box?

You can subscribe to Toka Box via our website - www.tokabox.com. There are boxes for three age groups - Toka Peanut, perfect for babies and toddlers (6 Months to 2-year-olds), Toka Junior, perfect for preschoolers (3 to 5-year-olds) and Toka Explorer , ideal for Kindergarteners - Grade 2 (6 to 8-year-olds ).

What is the cost of each box and what are the payment methods?

We have different subscription plans from monthly, 3 month, 6 month and Annual. You can find all the plan details here. Right now we accept all major credit cards.

It says subscription auto-renews. Will you be contacting me before my card is charged again?

Yes, of course! There is nothing more we dislike than a sneaky subscription charging our cards without us being aware! We send you an email one week before the renewal is processed for you to take any action you like regarding your subscription.

Are there any offers for subscriptions?

During the festival season and other major holidays, we do run special promotions. Please sign up for our newsletter and stay connected.

Can I cancel the subscription in the middle of a subscription period?

Yes, you can. As a policy, we don’t offer refunds. Once the subscription is cancelled, we send you the boxes that complete that billing cycle and do not renew your subscription after that.

We also do send you an email one week before renewals to take any action like addresses changes, skipping boxes or cancellations.

Can I skip a box while I am on vacation?

Yes, of course. Just email our customer support, Preethi at preethi@tokabox.com. with details on how many boxes you want skipped and we will take care of it for you.

If I order for a big group, do you offer any group concession?

Please contact Preethi at preethi@tokabox.com and we can give you our bulk order rates.

Can I order just one box?

Yes, you can order just one box through the Toka Shop.

Can I gift the box/subscription for a friend? Can you include a gift message from me?

Yes, you can gift a box or a subscription to a friend. Gift Subscriptions do not auto-renew. We have a message box when you check out to add your own gift message.

Toka Box Content

What is in the box?

  • A hand-picked children's book curated by the Toka Box Team in California.
  • A unique,specially designed immersive STEAM and literacy activity that goes with the book to enhance the book reading experience
  • How does my kid benefit from the box?

    Toka Box's STEAM and literacy themes range from reading and math to prehistory, science, engineering, and art. Each Toka Box subtly builds life skills from patience to problem-solving.

    Toka Junior boxes for preschoolers are based on competencies suggested by the California Preschool Learning Foundations to prepare your child for school.

    Toka Explorer boxes for grade schoolers are based on Common Core competencies.

    Will my child be able to do the activities independently?

    We recommend doing the activities in the Toka Junior preschooler box with a grown-up, thus creating a bonding and learning experience for your child. Some aspects of the Toka Explorer box for 5-8 yr olds can be done independently, though sometimes parental supervision and help will be needed.

    Can I choose the books that come with the box?

    Yes for certain boxes. We do offer a choice of books around a certain theme from time to time. We send you an email in advance to make your choice.

    When we do pick bilingual books, we do offer choices between English-Hindi and English-Tamil books.

    Are the boxes age specific?

    Yes. The boxes are specific for age groups. Our Toka Peanut boxes are for babies and toddlers from 6 months to 2 years of age, Toka Junior boxes are for preschoolers in the age range of 3 to 5 years of age. Toka Explorer boxes are for 6 to 8-year-olds.

    My child is 5, which box should I pick?

    If your 5 yr old is in preschool, we recommend the Toka Junior preschooler box. If you are 5 yr old is in Kindergarten, she may be ready for the Toka Explorer box.

    If my kid finds the contents not matching his/her levels, can I upgrade/downgrade a level?

    Yes, you can. Please send us an email to Preethi at preethi@tokabox.com about it, and we can switch the plans.

    Are the materials gender/language/religion or culture-specific?

    All our boxes are gender neutral. We do offer bilingual boxes with English-Hindi and English-Tamil options. Our boxes do focus on South Asian representative content and may have references to Hindu mythology as well as cultural elements.

    What if I already have the book that is in the box I will receive?

    We will let you know what is coming in your box before we ship it. If you already have the book, please reach out to Preethi before the box ships at preethi@tokabox.com to work out alternatives.

    Personalization of Contents

    Can I selectively buy the box contents and be charged for just that?

    No, We do not offer personalization of the box contents at this time.

    Can I get a Toka box that you have sent in the past?

    Yes you can! There are selection of past boxes available in the Toka Shop.

    Can I mix and match the contents of a box? Book from one box and activity that I like from another?

    Currently we don't have that feature.

    Can I just buy two crafts and one box? Are there any special personalization available for siblings?

    Yes, we do have sibling personalization. If you need two crafts and one book, all you need to do is to apply the coupon code "SIBLING" while purchasing the second subscription. That automatically reduces the book cost and just sends you a box with craft and no book. This coupon applies only if you purchase two subscriptions.


    To which countries do you ship Toka Box?

    USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, UK, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

    Is shipping free?

    Yes shipping is free in the USA and $9.99 for all other international orders.

    Do you offer expedited shipping?

    We have this feature coming soon!

    How long does it take to ship from the day I order?

    When you subscribe, the boxes ship on the 25th of the month. If you subscribe after the 25th, we have one more shipment that goes out the last day of the month.

    Can the box be sent on a particular day for a gift? Say a birthday?

    Sure, send us an email - preethi@tokabox.com. and we will try to ensure it reaches on the date specified.


    Will there be VAT Fees for United Kingdom?

    For goods greater than £15, import VAT may apply.Import VAT payable will be assessed at the point of entry of the destination country. This may result in you having to pay additional charges which are not included in the total price displayed at checkout. More details here

    Managing Your Account

    How do I update my billing/shipping information?

    You can login into our system and top right corner under your name menu; you can find the link to your Manage Subscription page. You can update your billing and shipping information there.

    Can I skip a month?

    Yes you can skip month(s). Email us at preethi@tokabox.com. about the number of boxes skipped and we will update the system accordingly.

    How do I renew a subscription?

    Renewal occurs automatically. You will be notified about your renewal a week ahead.

    Can I cancel the subscription in the middle of a subscription period?

    Yes, you can. As a policy, we don’t offer refunds. Once the subscription is cancelled, we send you the boxes that complete that billing cycle and do not renew your subscription after that.

    We also do send you an email one week before renewals to take any action like addresses changes, skipping boxes or cancellations.

    Gift Subscriptions

    Can I gift a subscription?

    Yes, you can. You click the Gift a Box link from the menu or the banner image.

    Do you send a special message along with the box?

    Yes, we send the personalized message that you enter during checkout in the first Toka Box that is shipped.

    Does gift subscription auto renew?

    No. Gift subscriptions do not auto-renew.

    Can I gift a past box?

    Yes, you can based on availability. You can find available books and boxes at Toka Shop.

    Referral Programs

    Do you a referral program for subscribers?

    Yes, we do! It is a Give 10% off,Get 10% off offer! When your friend subscribes using your unique referral code both you and your friend receive 10% off.

    When does the 10% discount apply to me?

    For the new user, the discount is applied at checkout. For the referrer, the discount gets applied on their next renewal invoice.

    Where can I see my unique referral code?

    You can see your unique referral code in your Manage Subscription page or your Invite Your Friends page when you are logged in.