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posted by Vidhya , June 06, 2017

A balanced diet with proper physical activity is the key to good health. As a parent, it's our duty to inculcate healthy eating habits in our kids. I know, it is not an easy task. This month our Toka Chef recipe is a kid-friendly, yummy and simple spread - Indian Thali with veggies sneaked in. :-)

What is a Balanced Meal?

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For the past twenty years, the food pyramid has been quite famous.We all have come across different food pyramids. Recently USDA's long-recognized pyramid has been replaced by "MyPlate," the new symbol of healthier eating and nutrition.

About MyPlate

MyPlate is divided into four distinct sections. Each section contributes protein, grains, fruits and vegetables with dairy on the side. The MyPlate concept is more easy to visualize. At Toka Box, we will be exploring a balanced meal with the kids in various ways. The Toka Juniors will create a placemat based on the "MyPlate" concept.The Toka Explorers will create a "Roaring" menu. The Toka Explorers also get a bonus areca bowl to understand the concept of biodegradable materials.

The Indian MyPlate

Here is the menu that we came up with this time. An Indian concept thali served on an eco-friendly leaf. If you notice, the traditional Indian Thali already follows the "MyPlate" concept. Usually, rice and roti (grains) are served along with dals and curries (either veggie based or meat based) which takes care of the veggie and protein intake followed by fruit and yogurt for dairy.

In this thali, as per the MyPlate Concept, we have

It's not elaborate but covers the major portion. You can vary the dals and curries as per your preference.Instead of banana froyo; you can opt for a glass of milk or a cup of yogurt with fresh seasonal fruits.

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