Get a Glimpse of How Common Folks Lived in Historical India - A Children's History of India by Subhadra Sen Gupta

posted by Preethi Chandrasekhar, August 20, 2015

A Children's History of India written by Subhadra Sen Gupta and illustrated by Priyanka Gupta published by Rupa Publications is consolidated book on the history of India right from the times it was called Jambudvipa till today.

The book is divided into four sections - Ancient India, Medieval India, British India, Independent India. While most history books deal with important events, what sets this one apart is the chapters on how the common people lived. The author gives us a glimpse in the life of the common folks during the historical period. Peppered with small anecdotes about life during those times and snippets about the kings, queens, common folks - the book is an absolute delight to read. The author brings to life the happenings of those times, practically transporting us there. For example, in the Mughal times, the author tells us about the postal services there. 'The kings set up post tops called dak chowkis along the roads where post runners or harkaras were stationed. A letter carried by a runner or a horseman would reach a dak chowki and another runner would take over. Of course, this was only for the royal mail' there was no postal system for the common people.
Children's History of India
The seven-year-old in the house was very fascinated when I read the snippets to her loudly. She loved hearing about how Rabindranath Tagore is the only person in the world who has composed the national anthems of two countries :)
The illustrations are really nice and even though in black and white, they seem to give life to the various stories which the author weaves into the book.
Definitely recommended if you have a history buff at home.

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