We are giving away 2 free copies of the latest book by Malala Yousafzai!

Filled with astonishing stories of displacement and courage, Malala Yousafzai's new book, We are Displaced: My Journey and Stories from Refugee Girls Around the World, is so brilliantly written and engaging to read that you will finish it in one go. We are giving away two free copies to coincide with Women's Day, so enter the contest now!

This girl will not let monsoons stop her from playing football!

In this book, soccer-lover Mina tries to stave off the monsoon so that she can play! Her village doesn't understand but that doesn't stop her. This amazing book by Rukhsanna-Guidroz, published by Yali books, should be on your purchase list right in time for Women's Day! It's a beautifully written book that is bound to celebrate the free spirit in every litte girl and boy!

Parenting With Toka: My Tween Daughter Has No Friends

Every week, we bring you parenting lessons from experts! This week, we talk about friendship among tweens. I have an eleven-year-old daughter. I am really worried about her as she is not having any friends.

5 great things to take to the restaurant instead of the phone

Like every parent, I too have used my phone at the restaurant as a backup, or even taken a tablet.  Here are 5 things to entertain your little one when you are outside!

7 Ways To Get Bilingual With Toka Parent

A lot of Indians are bilingual or rather trilingual. We speak our mother tongue, our mother language (generally Hindi) and of course English. We can easily move from one language to another, without much trouble! Being bilingual or knowing more than one language has multiple advantages as shown by research ...

Holi Food and Drink Special! Make Ice Cool Thandais and More

Holi is coming up and we give you a lovely recipe for mawa gujiyas that you can actually make with your kids!

Your kids will love these beautiful books on Indian cities!

The Discover India series by Penguin Randomhouse are pinwheels of information and fun activities on Indian cities and all the magic they have to offer. We loved these books, so don't miss them!

Got a skill? Become an online teacher and monetize your talent!

This exciting platform helps you make money by teaching students anything from cooking and yoga to math and mindfulness, and also brings a huge database of students to your doorstep.

Take Holi to Your Child's Classroom

Holi is a fun festival to take to your child's classroom! A joyful celebration of spring, colors and all things new. We have some ideas on how to make this festival fun and accessible.

Introduce your child to Indian elections with this new book from Harper Collins!

Elections in India: Everything You Need to Know is a short, sweet and well-written book that introduces children to the Indian elections in a fun and interactive way.

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