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Best Halloween Books for Kids: 16 Scary and Spooky Indian Children's Books

October 24, 2022

Happy Halloween! Monsters, witches, spooky stories, and more - here are the best Indian Children's Halloween Books for Kids!

1. Maithili and the Minotaur: Web of Woe

What if our world was a lot more? Filled with unknown creatures-some friendly, some scary.

An outcast to the world of humans, Maithili lives in the outskirts of a magical wilderness. But as she makes new friends in the realm of monsters, she must learn to be careful. Because some monsters are just like humans: mean, nasty and out for blood.

Perfect for fans of Hilda and Arthur and the Golden Rope, join Maithili and the Minotaur on their very first adventure in an outlandish world where nothing is as it seems. Your kids will love this graphic novel/comic book!

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2. Maithili and the Minotaur: Forest of Forgotten Fears

What starts out as a field trip into the forest, soon turns into something nefarious for Maithili, Minotaur, and their friends. Overjoyed, underprepared and blissfully unaware, one wrong turn is about to send them spiraling into the depths of their worst fears.

Sink into the second installment of Maithili and the Minotaur, set in an outlandish world where nothing is as it seems.

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3. What Did the Monster Child Eat Today?

An unusual book that had my daughter talking for days, there is something delightful and satisfying about reading and immersing oneself in What Did the Monster Child Eat Today? My daughter's imagination feasted on its language and clever exaggerations. The book is about a little girl who asks us not to be fooled by how she looks -- she is a little monster inside her head! We see her proclaiming all that she eats because she is a monster child: eyeballs as runny as egg-yolk, delicious lice (instead of rice) crispies burnt extra black (we like all the play on words) and more. Every child is hungry for these kinds of bookish experiences and this was such a good meal for my daughter! Sampurna Chattarji's clever use of hyperbole and Vibha Surya's quirky illustrations bring a child's monstrous imagination to life.

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4. A Pinch of Magic

My daughter and I loved the book! A Hole book is a great way to transition children to chapter books or to get them invested in the reading habit. Even for eager readers, this one is a treat. The book spins a wonderful and charming mythos around Aunt Malu, her herbal cures and her adventures with her niece, young Veena, who wants to help her aunt find very special spoons that she needs to make her cures. The book is filled with a fun plot twist and friendly, loveable characters.

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5. Thatha's Pumpkin

What do you do with a pumpkin that’s bigger than your head and barely fits on your table? Tia’s Thatha is very proud of his pumpkin, for he grew it all by himself, like magic! Now it’s Tia’s job to find homes for each little wedge from the oversized fruit, and quickly too!

Lalita Iyer’s words provide hilarious insights into the mind of an amateur gardener, while Proiti Roy’s exquisitely textured illustrations map the eventful journeys of each lovely slice.

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6. Pattan's Pumpkin

When Pattan finds a yellow-flower vine wilting in his valley, he replants and cares for it, watching as a pumpkin appears and grows taller than the goats, taller than the elephants, as tall as the very mountains. When a terrible storm rages across the valley, Pattan wonders if perhaps his pumpkin can save the seeds and grains and saplings, the goats and birds and bison, and protect them all as the storm clouds burst and the waters rise. Frané Lessac’s brilliantly hued artwork is a feast for the eyes, while Chitra Soundar’s thoughtful retelling is a fascinating example of the kinds of stories told the world over — and the differences that make each version

7. Ninja Soni, Halloween Queen

Halloween hijinks reign supreme in this fourth installment of Kashmira Sheth’s award-winning series starring Nina Soni, a charming, distractible Indian-American girl, and her family and friends.

Halloween brings out Nina Soni’s competitive spirit. Her friend Jay has a great costume planned, so – of course – Nina has to come up with an even better idea. A bunch of old boxes in the basement inspires her to create an impressively scary haunted house, for which she can charge admission. So what could possibly go wrong for the Halloween Queen?

In Nina Soni, author Kashmira Sheth has created an endearing heroine and charming stories of family, friendship, and her slightly scatterbrained efforts to manage her life with lists, definitions, and more. A fun read for STEAM enthusiasts!

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8. Jokhu and the Big Scare

We love this beautiful tale of unexpected friendship beyond appearances. Jokhu is the scariest demon in the bamboo groove, and she loved to scare babies, village wrestlers, and even the other demons in the village. One day, Jokhu meets a girl and decides to scare her, but something unexpected happens.  Your kids will enjoy this book with its many demons from Assamese folklore and a tale about a big, scary jokhini who found someone whom she simply cannot scare.

9. Thank God It's Caturday!

Move over Friday, it’s Caturday! A day to celebrate Cool cats with stories by some of India’s foremost Children’s authors. There’s Pharaoh Itinramen who considers all cats ‘sneaky and unreliable’ in ‘Along Came a Wild Thing’. Then there’s the resident ghost of Bright Minds School who hates the horrid boys in ’The Yellow Cat’. And Billu, the cat who has famous friends. Meet them and many more ubercool cats in Thank God it’s Caturday!

This beautifully illustrated fun book features big and small, smart and wicked, naughty and nice felines that tug at your heartstrings. And the bonus: pages peppered with cat jokes, cat riddles and incredible things you didn’t know about this most amazing of animals.

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10. Ninja Nani and the Mad Mummy Mix-up

There's a mummy at the Gadbadnagar Museum! A real live--er, dead--mummy, and it's awake! And eating people!
GRAAAON!! Wait, it gets worse. Who's chasing Ninja Nani all over town, trying to uncover her secret identity? And who's battling three-headed snakes?
When Deepu and his friends find themselves trapped in the museum with the haunted mummy, there is only one person who can save them--but will Ninja Nani reach them in time? Or is she too busy ...CLICK CLICK CLICK

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11. Abanindranath's House of Stories  

A furious storm rips across Calcutta, bringing thunder and rain! At #5 Jorasanko, the floorboards creak and the windows rattle. The lightning turns shadows into monsters. Young Abanindranath pulls his razai close and shivers. What would you do if you grew up in a house bigger than the world? How would you know if the house is a friend or a foe? Find out about the life of celebrated artist Abanindranath Tagore and his childhood home in the Art Exploration Series.

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12. Ninja Nani and the Freaky Food Festival 

Lies! Mystery! Trouble! Laughs! 

It's time for the annual festival and a special guest is expected to arrive in Gadbadnagar, but has a certain President gone too far? Has Nani finally met her match in the meanest, scariest and awfullest demon ever to crawl out of the Dark Forest? Will the Mayor's mustache ever run for office?

Wait, there's more!

Fake Mystery Heroes! Haunted falooda! Giant dogs--


And what's that again about goats? You're going to have to read it for yourself.

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13. The Story Quilt 

Come crawl under the story quilt and get enveloped in the warmth and colour of a beautiful patchwork of regional children's stories.

Meet the ghost who longs to use a computer, the smart thief who is outsmarted by his travel companion, the girl who dreams of playing cricket, and even a runaway scooter!

This delightful collection of eight children's stories includes translations from Assamese, Gujarati, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Punjabi and Sindhi. And adding to its charm are the beautiful illustrations that showcase the popular art style of each of these regions.

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14. Ninja Nani and the Zapped Zombie Kids 

Granny Cool

When a new danger threatens the children of the Gadbadnagar neighbourhood, only Deepu can sense it.

His granny, Ninja Nani, aka the Mystery Hero, doesn't believe him, but Deepu knows there's something very strange going on in Mrs Godbole's tuition class. His friends are acting like sleep-deprived zombies and why do the people caught on camera during a jewellery store heist look a lot like them?

Will Nani and Deepu save his friends before it’s too late? Will Deepu be eaten by zombies? Or will he—gasp!—turn into one?


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15. Moin and the Monster 

One night, in the dim darkness of his room, Moin heard something shuffling and sniffling under his bed. . . . It is a monster. Moin has to learn to live with the monster, which does nothing but eat bananas, sing silly songs and try out new hairstyles. However, keeping the monster a secret from his parents and teachers is a tough task and finally Moin decides that the only thing to do is send the monster back where it came from.

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16. Moin the Monster Songster 

“It was no great hardship for Moin to stop singing, but stopping the monster was proving to be an impossible task ...” 
When you share a house with a monster who loves to sing, it is unlikely that your first concert will go smoothly. But when a Bollywood music maestro enters the scene and the monster decides to change its colour, life becomes impossibly complicated for Moin.

This laugh-out-loud funny sequel to Moin and the Monster will have you demanding more!

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