Yoga Dog!

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Yoga Dog!
Yoga Dog!

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Yoga Dog!


Age: 5+

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Book Pick: The Happiest Tree

written by Uma Krishnaswami, Illustrated by Ruth Jeyaveeran

The Happiest Tree is a gentle and empowering story of a young girl's road to self-confidence. It is sure to spark interest in yoga, and provide comfort to all children as they struggle to overcome the everyday obstacles to growing up
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Skill: Learning the Surya Namaskar

Recipe Suggestion:
Instant Pot Saatvik Kichadil

The ancient practice of Yoga is thousands of years old and has its origins in India. Yoga is the union of mind and body and has lots of benefits for children from breathing, mindfulness, balance, concentration and of course, taking care of ourselves. This month's box explores Yoga in a fun, engaging manner with a unique game and an insightful book.


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