The Incredible History of India's Geography

I loved how the book is written. It's like reading a fiction book with loads of anecdotes and stories littered all over. Small incidents which will help us remember the larger historical facts. Like how the Marathas used a monitor lizard to get hold of a fort from the Mughals or how Junagadh and Hyderabad came under the Indian state. The author does not mince words and occasionally puts forth the truth about situations and people in a direct manner. I am at awe at the kind of research that must have been undertaken to write this book and completely impressed by how the authors have made the reading so interesting. This is the kind of book we must introduce our children to if we want them to get a sense of history and understand and assimilate Indian history. In fact the book can be divided into parts and taught in schools from class 4 to class 8. Trust me, we will have more historians in the future.

R's Mom says

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