Thangam of Mehrgarh

Every once in a while comes a book, that you can't help read and re-read and enjoy it every single time! Thangam of Mehrgarh is definitely one such children's book. We loved how the entire book was illustrated, and if we had to pick a favorite page it would be this one - A scene that had the power to take us back in time to an ancient civilization. As a parent, I would most definitely recommend this book to all kids (age no bar). Firstly, it makes you want to travel back in time and witness life as it existed a long time ago. The book is filled with "Did you Knows' - which are a great way to get kids hooked. While giving a lesson in history, the book also makes it relatable to the kids of today! Even though it was a long time ago, there are a few important things, like family, a livelihood that always existed.

Divya Ganesan says

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