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Book Review: Farmer Falgu Goes On a Trip by Chitra Soundar

October 04, 2014

A book on silence and sound is something that always appeals to me. I am someone who loves noise. The noisier the atmosphere, the more I am productive. Even at my workplace, the gentle buzz of the computers, the discussions of the teams and of course, the occasional clang-clang of a tiffin dabba falling from someone's hand, always makes me happy :)

So when Karadi Tales, sent me 'Farmer Falgu Goes on a Trip', I wasn't really expecting it to be a book on sounds :) The story is about Farmer Falgu, who is fed up with all the sounds in his farm, and craving for some quiet, decides to embark on a trip to look for some silence. He takes his bullock cart and goes off in search for some peace and quiet. But does he really find it? On the way, he meets loads of interesting characters and is kind enough to give them a lift in his bullock cart. So does he really find the silence and peace and quiet? Is he happy after that?

Read on this cute and funny tale of Farmer Falgu, written by Chitra Soundar and brilliantly illustrated by Kanika Nair. The book is really suitable to be read out loud to young kindergarten kids. They will love the wonderful sounds which the author has penned, depicting each character to whom Farmer Falgu gives a lift.

The brat and I were giggling as I read through the sounds of the book. And as the book progresses, the brat kept asking me questions and finally concluded that Farmer Falgu was a nice guy to help out other folks but really funny because he doesn't really know what he wants :)

What we loved about the book

1. The subtle message the book passes to kids that perhaps, what you think you want in life, is not what you really want. You need to make the best of your present situation and enjoy it a lot

2. The wonderful illustrations. I loved the expression change in Farmer Falgu's face, plus quirky stuff the illustrator has put across like the bells around the bullocks to depict the lack of silence, the thoughtful look on Farmer Falgu's face.

3. The helpful nature of Farmer Falgu, who despite, looking out for silence, gives a lift to so many folks

4. The superb ending of the book, which teaches us all a lesson :)

5. The sounds depicted so aptly for every character by the author

Definitely recommended for kids 2 years and above, especially to be read aloud.

Here are some awesome Farmer Falgu goodies from the author Chitra Soundar

And a Note from the Author herself!

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