Yasmin Book Bundle

Yasmin is a spirited second grader.The book series tackles a lot of topics that little kids face like how to handle their frustration when things are not as “perfect” as they wanted it to be, what makes someone a good leader, how it is important to try new things and most of all how to problem-solve! With the help of her loving Pakistani-American family, Mama, Baba, Nana and Nani, Yasmin is ready to tackle everything that comes her way! We highly recommend this fabulous series for every little girl and little boy to build resilience and emotional intelligence! A perfect read for your budding chapter book reader.

Preethi Chandrasekhar says

3. You Can Do It, Yasmin!: Whether she’s braving the goalie net for the first time on the soccer field, trouble-shooting a plant problem in the garden with her family, tackling a tricky writing assignment, or managing a disagreement with her friends, Yasmin is always thinking outside the box to come up with creative solutions. Yasmin can do it!
4. In this fun collection of four new Yasmin stories, Yasmin tackles every challenge she faces with her head and her heart! Whether she’s helping to solve a recycling problem at school, trying to avoid a science fair fiasco, searching for a favorite lost book, or gathering her courage to join in the fun, Yasmin is always willing to give it a try!

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages:
Language: English
ISBN13: 9781684360222, 9781515842729, 9781515860914, 9781515883944

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