Sunu Sunu Snail

What I loved about the book are the illustrations by Ashok Rajagopalan and of course, the absolutely adorable writing by Sandhya Rao. I loved the simple lines and the subtle rhyming sentences. The sentences are not rhyming like in a poem but done in a much more subtle prose way but way more effective. I think this seems to be Sandhya Rao's specialty. Even in another book of hers, 'Busy Busy GrandAnt,' ' the words seem to rhyme very beautifully. The book is highly recommended by 3+ kids. they will enjoy the simple words, the lovely illustrations, and the superb story. Go on, get into the world of Sunu-sunu!

R's Mom says

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages:
Language: English
Weight(oz): 2.86

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