Sale! - Process Art for Preschoolers

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Sale! - Process Art for Preschoolers

This Toka Junior Box is perfect for 3-5 yr olds!

Sale! - Process Art for Preschoolers


Age: 3-5


Book: One Dark Cloud

Author: Shobha Vishwanath
, Illustrator: Ashwathy P.S and Anusha Sundar

Kids will love these big pages of clear bold numbers, simple sentences and lots of colors.Each page helps exactly picture a rainy day, gradually from setting the stage with the appearance of a dark cloud, through final emergence of a dazzling rainbow.

Activity: Monotype Printmaking with Your Preschooler

Make many different types of prints with this printmaking technique. Create multiple images with the materials incldued. An afternoon well-spent making art without worrying about getting the supplies!

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