Preschooler Math Bundle

1. Dinosaur-long-as-127-kids - by Geeta Dharmarajan
A Dinosaur can only give a ride to 127 kids, not more, not less. What happens when Amma (mother) also wants a ride?
Children learn to compare visually by counting and matching, whether a group of objects are less, more or equal that another group with our Dinosaur Math game!
2. Farmer Falgu Goes on a Trip - By Chitra Soundar
The story is about Farmer Falgu, who is fed up with all the sounds in his farm, and craving for some quiet, decides to embark on a trip to look for some silence. He takes his bullock cart and goes off in search for some peace and quiet!
We continue our Number Sense exploration with a board game that is not only fun, but also works on adding and subtracting from a set!
3. The Tomato Flood - By Niyatee Sharma
Explore Number representation - a numerical symbol like 5 corresponds to a quantity as well. Throw the dice, count the dots, add the Tomatoes to the tomato plant!

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