Niramum Suvaiyum

This beautiful Tamil board book does three things - introduce children to flavors, to food, and to colors, all in Tamil! In this book, Appu invites us to come taste six items. "This is the red-colored chilly," he says. "I am going to bite it. Ah! Hot!" Appu then tastes salt, bitter gourd, jaggery, and many other food items. What we love about this book is that Appu also describes a food's taste. He calls bitter gourd 'bitter', lemon 'sour,' and more!  This book is a fantastic introduction to learn about colors and tastes of food, with beautiful illustrations and each page in the same color as it describes.  It is a great idea to talk to our kids about food, textures, and tastes at a young age. They need to try different types of food and also be mindful about their food choices and what they eat. This board book in their native language is a great first step!   

Shweta Sharan says

Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages:
Language: Tamil

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