Nina Soni Book Bundle

We especially loved all the cultural elements and the Indian American experience in the book - from video calling grandparents in India by calculating a 12.5 hour time difference only to have the screen freeze up to watching baby Krishna stealing butter on a TV show, we connected with it all!

Preethi says

1. Nina Soni, Former Best Friend
"Nina Soni is a distractable girl who loves lists to keep her on track. When she ruins her best friend Jay's art project, she is worried that he won't be friends with her anymore. At the same time, she has to turn in a Personal Narrative Project, and it is her sister's birthday party that weekend!
What does Nina do now?"
This early chapter book was perfect for my 2nd grader, the lucid language, font size, and interspersed illustrations were age-appropriate for young readers and a pleasure to read.

2.Nina Soni - Sister Fixer!
This is the second title in the humorous Nina Soni series !
"A long rainy stretch during spring break has Nina restless and hungry for a new project and aggravated with little sister Kavita’s embarrassing behavior. A fresh pile of dirt just delivered to the neighbor’s house for a landscaping project ends up being too tempting to resist. Can Nina fix Kavita and create something amazing at the same time?"

Format: Hard cover
Number of Pages:
Language: English

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