Naturalist Ruddy

Oh how we love this book! Rohan Chakravarty is a famous artist, cartoonist, wildlife buff and the creator of Green Humour,  a series of comics about the environment. In Naturalist Ruddy, detective fiction meets natural history! Naturalist Ruddy is a mongoose. He is also a sleuth and an adventurer, getting to the heart of some of nature's most fascinating mysteries. Written as an exciting comic series, we absolutely love the wildlife and detective crossover. There are tons of little mysteries that Naturalist Ruddy solves, using his wit, his knowledge of wildlife, and of course, books like Vivek Menon's A Field Guide to Indian Mammals. We love how the book references other famous books on wildlife and conservationists like Vivek Menon, F.W. Champion's book on tripwires and technology use to conserve forests, The book takes us to Kanha National Park, Periyar Tiger and so many other places that are a conservationist's paradise! An absolute must read!

Shweta Sharan says

Format: Rohan Chakravarty
Number of Pages:
Language: English

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