Manju's Magic Muddle

There isn't a book by Chitra Soundar that we don't love. She is one of our all-time favorite writers, a gifted wordsmith with a great eye for plot, a wonderful sense of humor and a keen idea of what children really, really like to read. When we heard that she wrote a chapter book for emergent readers, we were thrilled! Manju's Magic Muddle is part of the Bloomsbury Young Readers Series, created by experts to get children to read and transition to chapter books. In this book, a genie has a terrible cold and Manju finds it impossible to get him to fulfil her wishes when he keeps pronouncing them all wrong because of his cold! So instead of a water slide, we have otter slides, blue goats instead of boats, and more. One more mistake and the Genie will be struck off the Genie register. How can Manju help him? This fun book is also a great way to get children to explore sounds and phonics. The story gets them interested to want to read more and to explore each chapter as it comes. Go for it!

Shweta Sharan says

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages:
Language: English

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