It's My Colour

Why do we love it? Apart from the breathtaking illustrations, the book explores colors in a new and fantastic light. A little boy keeps asking, whose color is red? It's mine, says the tomato. It's mine, insists the crab. Whose color is green? The parrot insists that green is its color. The bitter gourd babbles that green is undoubtedly the color of a bitter gourd. As the little boy goes from one color to another, dashing into waves with frappe-drinking whales and discovering white on his father's shirt and the cow, the sun keeps changing its temper too, from amused and thoughtful to glowering and cheeky. What does this mean? Why does the sun have the last laugh in the end? Do colors belong to people and objects or do they come from another mysterious place? And what's the sun got to do with it all? 

Shweta Sharan says

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