How the Earth Got Its Beauty

The latest book in the Puffin Chapter Book series by Sudha Murty is a slim, beautiful book titled 'How the Earth Got its Beauty.' This is an ambitious title and the book does it complete justice! How the Earth Got its Beauty is a beautifully narrated modern fable. Mother Earth has created rivers and plains but there is not much variation to her creation. She decides to disguise herself as a ten-year-old girl, Devi, and see what the humans are up to. She meets three sisters, Seetha, Sunaina and Shyama, who tell her that as much as the earth is beautiful, they would love to see more variations - animals, birds, plants, waters, oceans, less of plains and more of mountains. Devi reveals herself as Mother Earth and tells the sisters that they have a month before full moon to paint their dreams for a new world on a canvas. On the next full moon day, they will all come true.  As with every modern fable, things don't go as planned but in 'How the Earth Got its Beauty,' it all adds up perfectly in the end. Written in Sudha Murty's simple, heartwarming and magical style, children will completely resonate with this story. I know my daughter did for a simple reason. Give a child a canvas and ask them to paint their vision of the world? They are hooked! The book looks like a gleaming, precious wave-washed treasure, filled with colors that don't go over the top but complement each other beautifully. Priyanka Pachpande brings Sudha Murty's lyrical prose to life. A continuation to 'How the Sea Got Salty' and 'How the Onion Got its Layers,' these contemporary takes on classic fables will enthrall your child. We cannot recommend it enough!

Shweta Sharan says

Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages:
Language: English
Weight(oz): 6.07

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