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Explore the Science of Colors
Explore the Science of Colors
Explore the Science of Colors

Skill: Science of Colors for Preschoolers
We explore how when light passes through a prism it splits into the colors of the rainbow, we explore patterns of color, building the foundation for future math skills while exercising fine motor skills to build our gorgeously colorful suncatcher!

Explore the Science of Colors


Age: 3-5

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Book: Purple Jojo (English-Hindi Bilingual)
Written by Sameera Zia Qureshi and Illustrated by Jaikar Marur
Jojo is a dog who is surprised to wake up one day to find purple spots on his body! Where did they come from? A wonderful bilingual story and an introduction to colors!

Activity: Explore Colors
We build a rainbow suncatcher using a gorgeous prismatic crystal and rainbow beads.

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