Dev and Ollie - Camel Caper
Dev and Ollie - Camel Caper

Dev and Ollie - Camel Caper


Age: 6-8

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All the camels from Dev's local zoo have gone missing! Where possibly could they be? Perhaps at a camel fair? Join Dev and his magical bedtime owl, Ollie, on their quest to find them.

Author: Shweta Aggarwal, Illustrator: Somnath Chatterjee

When Dev was disappointed that he couldn’t see any camels in his local zoo, his magical owl Ollie, takes him to the Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajasthan. Dev is surprised to see hundreds of camels at the fair and is curious to know about all the camel contests, but he finds one sad camel at the mela (fair). Of course, the duo want to help that camel and make her happy. But why was the camel sad? And how did the Dev and Ollie pair help her?

Format: Paper back
Number of Pages:
Language: English

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