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Screen-Free Coding For Preschoolers

This month we explore a coding game for preschoolers using a screen-free interactive game. It is a fun and hands-on way to explore the beginning concepts of coding. Coding is an essential skill and programming is the language of the digital age! We explore directional language which is a pre-coding concept through our unique game built just for this box!

A Village is a Busy Place

Toka Junior Book Pick

A Village is a Busy Place

Written by V Geetha, Illustrated by Rohima Chitrakar

This activity book in the Bengal Patua style of scroll painting depicts the everyday world of the Santhal people, who are amongst India’s largest indigenous communities. Fold by colourful fold, the scroll opens out into a gorgeous panorama of village life, teeming with people, animals and activities. Accompanying text—along with careful pointers and questions—encourages the child to discover details, make connections, and set off on an exploration of village life.

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3 Dimensional Thinking For Preschoolers

Toka Junior Activity


Play the Village is a Busy Place game for building coding and directional language skills. This unique game helps kids develop -

  • Problem Solving Skills - Children learn how to tackle larger problems by breaking it into smaller pieces and develop the persistence needed to find a way to solve the problem
  • Spatial reasoning and logic
  • Strengthens their math skills

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