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Process Art with Japanese Gyotaku Method

Process art emphasizes the process of making art where the means of making the art project is more important than the end result. It is all about the experience kids have, the ability to explore their world as well as build their fine and gross motor skills, and work on creativity and self-expression, spatial reasoning and of course explore art techniques and materials.

Ammu's Bottle Boat

Toka Junior Book Pick

Ammu's Bottle Boat

Written by Niveditha Subramaniam, Illustrated by Aindri C

In verse that lightly follows the journey of Ammu’s bottle boat, award-winning writer Niveditha Subramaniam evokes the casual carelessness with which we destroy the natural world. Aindri C’s illustrations underline that horror with a clever spin on a traditional art form. The fish and sea creatures used as printing plates in the Japanese art of ‘Gyotaku’ are replaced here with plastic objects like bottle caps and bubble wrap – and the displacement of nature with modern-day trash is complete.

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Process Art For Preschoolers

Toka Junior Activity

Japanese Gyotaku Prints

We explore the process of making art using the traditional Japanese Gyotaku method of printing fish, a practice which dates back to the mid-1800s. The traditional method uses actual fish, but we will use foam prints instead! Subscribe to Toka Junior Gift a Box

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