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Explore Light and Shadow

Explore Light and Shadow with your own Shadow Puppet Theatre. What happens when you move the flashlight closer to the theatre? Do the shadows get sharper or larger? What happens when you move it away or tilt the flash light up or down? Note down your observations. Head outside and observe how the sunlight makes shadows with various objects. When are shadows longer and when are they shorter? What is a Transparent object and what is opaque? Send us your findings!

Lights for the Blue Prince

Toka Explorer Book Pick

Lights For the Blue Prince

Written by Soumya S Ayer, Illustrated by Ito Corrado

The entire Ramayana story comes alive in this beautifully made book! The illustrations are inspired by traditional Indian shadow puppets and silhouettes and are absolutely stunning! As we slowly turned the pages to see what’s next, the experience was truly mystical. We loved the attention to detail by the illustrator for instance-  the main characters of the Ramayana are shown in color whereas the rest are depicted in Shadow art. It is indeed a great addition to every child’s home library

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Paper mache Ganesha Mask for Kids

Toka Explorer Activity

Light and Shadow Puppet Theatre

We built a shadow puppet theatre where the characters of the Ramayana come alive!

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