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Explore Light and Shadow

We explore the properties of light and shadow with our magic light box! What happens when there is light at the back of the box, or at the front of the box? When do the shadows appear? What happens when the light is placed close or far away? We experiment, observe, compare, predict and test our ideas!

Clouds and Waves

Toka Explorer Book Pick

Clouds and Waves

Written by Rabindranatha Tagore and Illustrated by Sunaina Coelho

An endearing poem of a child who refuses tempting invitations, instead staying with her mother at playtime, blissful in her company. words woven with great tenderness by the greatest poet of all times, a gentle verse for all the little ones.

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Magic Light Box

Toka Explorer Activity

Magic Light Box

We build a magic light box and explore the properties of Light and Shadow!

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