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Spatial Ability - The Cube

Spatial ability , defined by a capacity for mentally generating, rotating, and transforming visual images, is one of the three specific cognitive abilities most important for developing expertise in learning and work settings.
We have done spatial awareness and geometry in our past boxes, this time we look at how to manipulate a 2D object to form the 3D cube and the cube's properties, all the while making fun DIY puzzles and learning about a region in India.
We know it is hard to wait to see what the puzzle will look like, but don't forget to bring your life skill: Delayed Gratification!
So get your 3D hat on and start your spatial exploration!

My Dadima Wears a Sari

Toka Explorer Book Pick

BUMBOO... The Donkey Who Would Not Budge

Written by Sujatha Padmanabhan, Illustrated by Madhuvanti Ananatharajan

Bumboo, the protagonist, is one of the family's pack animals and in grave danger of being sold off because he avoids any nocturnal work, in fact any night-time activity at all. As darkness falls, so does he. He falls on his knees wherever he happens to be, and young Padma was sure to find him in exactly the same spot the next morning. What does Padma do next?

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3D Block Puzzles

Toka Explorer Activity

3D Block Puzzles of Animals of Ladakh

Bonus Activity: Prayer Flags Inspired By Tibetan Prayer Flags.

Travel to Ladakh and get thinking spatially with 3D block puzzles. Build your own prayer flags inspired by the ones found in Ladakh.

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