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Skill of the Month

Building Skills with Embroidery

Kids build on their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills with this age old technique. We also explore color theory, planning and design skills with this open-ended activity that builds creativity and manual dexterity!

Mukand And Riaz

Toka Explorer Book Pick

Sadiq Wants To Stitch

Written by Mamta Nainy and Illustrated by Niloufer Wadia

Sadiq loves to stitch colorful patterns on rugs like his Ammi. But his Ammi says he should stick to what boys do, which is herd sheep. Sadiq and his Ammi belong to the Barkatwal nomadic tribe community living in Kashmir.
In spite of his Ammi's objections, Sadiq decides to follow his passion and stay up late at night sewing his patterns on his rug in secret. Does he change his Ammi's mind?
A lovely book by Mamta Nainy that breaks gender norms and also offers us a peek into the life of the Bakarwals and brings attention to their dying craft.
Niloufer Wadia's watercolor illustrations add to the charm of the book as we travel to the mountains of Kashmir!

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Sadiq Wants to Stitch

Toka Explorer Activity

Yarn Embroidery

Explore the skill of embroidery with this simple yet satisfying activity that builds skills that are not only motor skills but also focus.

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