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Skill of the Month

Make a Pookolam

With the unstructured materials provided, we use creativity to make a design for a pookolam or flower rangoli. Deciding what kind of flowers and leaves to include in our designs will get us thinking about the nature that surrounds us and what flowers are in season and blooming. Rangoli making also builds concentration and problem-solving skills. Making a kolam is always a great centering activity for the mind!

Amma, Tell Me About Rakshabandhan

Toka Explorer Book Pick

Meera's Flowers

Written by Amy Jivani, Illustrated by Ana Oseynn

It was Friday afternoon at school, and Meera could hardly contain her excitement. She couldn't wait to get home and start helping her mom and dad with preparations for Saturday's Onam celebration. All of her family and friends would come together to celebrate what was known as South India's Harvest Festival.

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Make A Pookolam

Toka Explorer Activity

Make a Pookolam

Unstructured shapes that lend themselves to various kolam formations ready to be filled in with flowers and leaves. What kolam will you make?

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