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8 DIY Valentine Ideas for School Kids- Pinterest Made Easy

February 11, 2020

The Valentine week is here, and the mommies have their work cut out for them. Need some simple Valentine ideas for school? Fret not, we've got you covered with these minimum-effort, easy card ideas from Pinterest!

The Perfect Place for Valentine DIY

Honest confession. I love Pinterest! My favorite board around this time of the year is DIY Valentine's Day ideas for kids. Craft, sparkles, hearts. Oh my!

Now that I have declared my love for Pinterest, I should also mention that Pinterest doesn't love me back. Some of the DIY Valentine ideas are so elaborate that one can only daydream about creating these for 20 odd classmates of your child.

In honor of Valentine's Day, here are 8 doable ideas from Pinterest!

8 Valentine Ideas From Pinterest

    1. Balloon Elephant DIY Valentine


      Elephant Balloon DIY

What you need

Coloured sheets, colored balloons, glue, and some sticky beads & stickers.

Let your child show his love and friendship towards his friends with this balloon elephant DIY Valentine Card. Just paste the balloon on the colored sheet to create the face of the elephant along with the heart-shaped ears and you are ready with your DIY card.

You can additionally add some quotes and messages on the card to make it look more attractive.

Source: Pinterest

    1. You Are My Purr-fect Valentine Card

You are my purr-fect Valentine Card

What you need

Different colored scrap sheets, glue, buttons or googly eyes and colored markers.

Paste an inverted heart-shaped colored sheet on the base. Then use small heart-shaped sheets to create the ears and nose of the cat. Use buttons for making the eyes of the cat. Finalize the remaining details using the colored marker and there you go with your ready-to-give valentine card.

Source: Pinterest

    1. DIY Message Valentine Card

DIY Message Valentine Card

What you need

Coloured sheet, pencil, and a colored marker

Pierce a heart-shaped color sheet with a pencil. Let your child write the valentine message for his friend on the front of the sheet. You can additionally decorate the pencil to make your card look more attractive.

Source: Pinterest

    1. The Eye-Love-You Card/Mask

The Eye-Love-You card/mask

What you need

Coloured scrap sheets, heart-shaped valentine goggles, colored buttons, glue and colored markers. Pierce your heart-shaped goggles from the colored heart sheet, with your message for your friend written on it. Sketch out the remaining details of the mask using colored markers and your kids are ready for the DIY Valentine party.

Source: Pinterest

    1. The Valentine Helicopter

The Valentine Helicopter

What you need

Clothing pegs, glue, and ice-cream sticks

Let the feelings of love and emotion fly high with this valentine special helicopter. Stick some painted ice cream sticks on you clothing peg and color the helicopter in your favorite color. Tie the valentine message for your friend on the helicopter and let it fly high.

Source: Pinterest

    1. The Heart Card

      The Heart Card

What you need

Coloured sheets, scissors, and paints.

Probably the easiest and most expressive idea! You just need to fold the colored sheet in half and cut out the shape of your hand plus and heart from it. The sheet should look like as shown in the image. Just write your message and voila!

Source Pinterest:

    1. The Folding Valentine Sticks

The folding Valentine Sticks

What you need

Ice cream sticks, paints, and glue. It's an amazing yet easy to make Valentine craft for your kids. Just put some ice-cream sticks together and let your kids show their creativity on the craft by coloring it in their favorite colours or drawning shapes on it. Fold the sticks together and tie it using a ribbon. Here it is the perfect gift for your kid's friends.

Source PInterest:

    1. Owl-ways Be My Friend card

Owl-ways Be My Friend card

What you need

Coloured sheets, pencils, and color markers

Create this amazing and funny DIY card for your kid's friend using simple colored sheet and paints. Create an owl-shaped figure from the colored sheet, write the friendship message on it and there you go. Isn't it easy and fun?

Source: Pinterest

Wrapping Up

Whatever Valentine idea you choose for your child's classmates make it and send it with love! Have fun with the ideas, show some creativity, and spread the love!

Featured image source: Flickr

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