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Shipped July 2021!

Skill of the Month

Math Play

Counting - ability to count in order, Number recognition - ability to visually recognize and name numbers, and One-to-one correspondence - ability to match a number with an object; are math milestones for preschoolers. A hands-on game is an effective and fun way to preschoolers to learn and work towards these milestones! And what's more fun than counting dosas!


Toka Junior Book Pick

Dosa (English- Hindi Bilingual)

Written by Sandhya Rao, Illustrated by Ashok Rajagopalan

Who ate the dosas? Amma makes dosas but they keep disappearing! A story in which children have the last laugh! They will also experience the fun and excitement of making the pictures move. There are instructions on how they can do that at the end of the book.

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Math Play For Preschoolers

Toka Junior Activity

Counting Dosas

Work on preschooler math skills of counting, number recognition and one-to-one correspondence with the fun dosa game! What's more learn to count in Hindi too!

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