Yoga for Kids: Why It Will Power Their Bodies For Life

posted by Preethi Chandrasekhar, May 15, 2018

Yoga for kids is a superb way to encourage agility, strength, mindfulness, and mastery right from the beginning. These are habits that will last a lifetime.

Young children are like hungry hunters, eager to seize every opportunity thrown at them. It is said that they learn more things in the first few years of their life than they learn in the later years. So we tend to stuff them with as much information and activities possible to make them competitive. Sometimes we forget to teach them the important values of life. Let's not make that mistake! Yoga is a wonderful way to strengthen their bodies and improve their flexibility. Here's why yoga is a superb practice for kids.

Awareness of Breath and Body

Yoga has exercises focusing on the breath, and when done right, it lets you travel deep into your own self, creating an unbelievable awareness of internal functions of the body.

Balancing and Flexibility

Kids are generally flexible from birth. And it is one of the many reasons why Yoga is to be introduced early for kids. With yoga introduced early, they can build strength and maintain balance and flexibility throughout their lifetime.

Preventing Depression

Yoga teaches how to calm the body and the mind. With a peaceful mind, they learn to concentrate on what is more important, by avoiding all distractions. They take control of their own self, boosting self-esteem and confidence. For such masters of the mind, emotional depression is far from reach.

Develop Good Habits

The core of Yoga is to build a complete and better human. Practicing Yoga urges kids to develop good sleep routine and food habits. It generates positive radiance for both the body and the mind and this pure energy can never guide them down a bad path!

An Enlightening Journey

Unlike other activities that we force upon kids, Yoga is non-competitive, which helps them enjoy their true self. It teaches them acceptance and contentment. It takes them on a journey to understanding and celebrating themselves.

Inspired by Nature

Many of human inventions and designs are inspired by nature. Yoga is one such nature-inspired design. Practicing Yoga makes us wonder at the universe that we live in. It motivates us to respect nature and creatures that coexist with us.

Why Yoga?

We all agree that physical activities are important for anyone, let alone growing kids. We can choose to do physical exercises that help build a stronger physique or play a sport that improves the physical strength and enhances your personality or dance to bid your worries off. But what if there is something you can do in the same amount of time to get the benefits of all the above and additionally master your mind too? Yes, Yoga is the only activity that can gift you the benefit of a healthy body and a healthy mind. Help your kid build themselves. Teach them Yoga!

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