Toka Chef Holiday Special | Edible Snowy Pinecones

posted by Vidhya , December 07, 2017

We all know pinecones and holiday season are inseparable. I bet pinecones are part of Christmas decoration in each and everyone's house. But can you eat pinecones? Oh yeah, why not, if its edible? :-) That's what I am going to share for this December month Toka Chef Recipe - Edible Snowy Pinecones made with Nutella, peanut butter, powdered sugar, and chocolate cereals or chocolate Chex mix.

These Nutella pinecones were on my todo list for quite some time, and finally, I got a chance to try them last month. These edible pinecones, not something new. You can find a lot of recipes including video recipes on the internet.

This recipe is a great craft idea during a rainy afternoon or a during a cold winter. It is also a perfect party craft idea. Be it a birthday party or a gettogether; this edible pinecone craft will keep your kids busy for sure. The recipe and process might sound simple, but shaping and arranging the scales can get quite tricky.

Read further to learn all the tips and tricks and how to handle the mishaps as well. I think I will add the suggestions first before proceeding to the recipe.

Suggestions / Notes

As it is a no-stove recipe, older kids can do this on their own. But I would recommend parents to help to hold the pretzel stick while the child attaches the pinecone scales/Chex mix.


This below measure yields four small pine cones as shown in the picture.


Edible snowy pinecone is ready.

Toka Yum Moment

Honestly, no would say no to pretzel sticks, peanut butter, Nutella and powdered sugar. The kiddo kept licking them while making these pinecones. One thing for sure, these pinecones will never be untouched.

Toka Chef Moment

Kiddo kept asking what happens if we use different cereal other than chex mix. So we thought of trying other ones as well. So here is our attempt with chocolate rice crispies and corn cereal. With crispies, you get beautiful pinecone buds but it requires a lot of time and of course patience.

With Wheat Bites

With Chocolate Crispies and Corn Cereal

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