Tiranga Popsicle | Independence Day Special

posted by Vidhya , August 13, 2016

We are going to celebrate our 70th Independence day this Monday. Here is a special, kids friendly recipe to celebrate the occasion - Tiranga Popsicle or Tri Color popsicle. Let the kids learn about our Flag and the color significance via this recipe. So before getting into the recipe, let me share some interesting facts about our National Flag.

The present form of Indian Flag was adopted on 22nd July 1947, which means there were couple forms before. Yes, our National Flag got evolved slowly and went through many iterations to arrive at what it is today. The Know India website has the details about this evolution and also Flag Code of India governs the usage of the flag. Our Flag , by law, is to be made of khadi. Now coming to the color,

We, at IMC designed our logo based on our Indian Flag Color too :-) Now coming back to the recipe, I used orange juice to indicate the saffron color, coconut water for the white and kiwi juice with a drop of green food color to indicate the green color. Tried dropping in some blueberries to represent the chakra, but its not visible in the picture. :-) As its a layered popsicle, the setting time is comparatively longer.


Prep - Work :


That's it. Yummy popsicle is ready.


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