The 15 min, No Mess Aaloo Paratha for School Lunch

posted by Preethi Chandrasekhar, April 26, 2013

A morning arrived this week where I had not planned what to pack for school lunch. PBJ was out since it was the nut-free day!

I had promised myself that I would be a better mother and not give into PBJs and Mac and Cheese for lunch every day. Besides, I think my daughter was bored of it too. Last Mac and Cheese box came back full.

I thought parathas would be the way to go, I can sneak in vegetables and it is non-messy. My daughter can eat it herself.

Here goes one such quick lunch box recipe:


1. Small fingerling potatoes (2/3), chopped, skin and all

2. A handful of frozen peas

3. Multigrain Flour (1/3 cup)

4. Olive Oil - 1 tbsp.

5. Salt to taste

6. Ghee


1. Microwave potatoes and frozen peas for about 3/4 minutes on high in a bowl. Sprinkle some water beforehand so it does not dry up too much.

2. Mush the potatoes and peas with a Pav bhaji masher.

3. Add the flour, salt, and olive oil.

4. Make the dough. Add some water if needed. ( I also added some stuffed paratha masala from a recent Indian store visit)

5. Make small bite size patties (no belan and all, just play dough style) and roast them with some ghee added. That's it, 15 mins and only one bowl used. It is very important for me to use one bowl when it is my turn to do the dishes :)

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