Raising Creative Kids

posted by Toka Box Editorial Team , March 05, 2018

Creativity today is no longer a word associated with artists. Everyone needs a dose of creativity to function better and reach their goals faster. Out-of-the-box thinking and creative problem solving skills are much appreciated and required skills in our evolving world.

In many school rooms across the world, creativity is limited to the arts and craft room. Even in that room, there are a bunch of rules to follow. So the job of raising and nurturing creativity in kids rests heavily on parents.

Here are some ways to encourage your children to be more creative in life,


Books are magic. They create lands unseen and worlds unheard. Read to your kids and read with them. Discuss books and try to think like an author. It is always a great idea to have a book discussion especially with older kids. The clarity and creativity that kids show will blow you away.

Pick an art

Your child does not need to be an expert but learning an art is a wonderful way to explore their creative sides. Learn an instrument or a dance form. Explorp acting or drawing. It will fire the creative sides of their brain and help cultivate more creative thoughts.

Unstructured play

Schedule some unstructured play time. Children can figure out what they want to do when they have time. We are often guilty of packing our children's days with activities and events in an attempt to keep them occupied. Very often, this backfires. Little brains need time to be bored and time to rethink and formulate plans. They need downtime to get creative again.

Surround them with personalities

We are surrounded by people who have talents and creative instincts very different from us. Expose your children to them. Visit a neighborhood artist and have a conversation on art. Let other people inspire your kids. We often tend to associate our children with similar people but at times they need to step out of the familiar surroundings to get creative.

Outdoor playtime

Spending time outdoors is a great way to enhance creative thinking. Playtime rejuvenates kids. Fresh air resets our brains and helps us concentrate better. Encourage outdoor time. It doesn't have to be playtime. A walk or a bike ride in the neighborhood park is a wonderful way to reset and recharge the creative cells.

Encourage questions

It's not easy answering the dreaded 'why' questions but let's face it, they do kindle young minds. As adults, we can encourage questions and ask some of our own too. This teaches kids that knowing the answers is not important. It is important is to voice the questions and seek answers.

Reduce Toys

We seem to be intent on buying the latest gizmos in market. Let kids create their own toys. Kids do not need a lot to be creative. They can design wonderful toys with craft store supplies. The mass produced toys in market curb creativity.

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