One And Many - Bilingual Book Review

posted by Gomathi Kannan, August 13, 2018

One and Many is a beautiful bilingual book from Tulika publications that play on the words 'one and many' and 'ek aur bahut saarey' beautifully.

Bilingual books are a great way to introduce a child to many languages in a single sitting! This Hindi-English Bilingual book Ek Aur Bahut Saarey is Indu Sreekumar`s first book with Tulika Publications. Indu Works in the NGO Eklavya in Bhopal. Her book Ek Aur Bahut Saarey has been translated and adapted into English under the title 'One and Many'.

The book goes about in simple sentences that have words 'one' and 'many' repeating itself through every page. This book is a great way to introduce the idea of singular and plural terms. After multiple readings of the book, it was a treat to see my son recognize and read the Hindi words 'ek ' ,'aur,' and 'bahut.'

Beautiful Illustrations

My little one loved the colorful pages of the book. These illustrations bring back memories of my childhood days. I remember dancing in the rain, playing hide and seek, and stargazing. I watched ripples in the pond after competing who could make a stone travel the farthest.

The book brings us a step closer to nature creating a love for gadget-free outdoor games. Thanks to Deepa Balsavar, we enjoyed playing hours of 'I Spy' inspired games. We spotted specific objects from elaborate illustrations of scintillating scenes.

What makes this bilingual book stand out

We love that the book uses two different languages to explore an expression or an idiom. This is a superb way to internalize a new language. The beauty of a bilingual book is that it moves beyond just a word-by-word translation. One and Many/Ek Aur Bahut Saarey' compare meanings and expressions beautifully.

This is a great book that newly minted readers will love!

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