New Releases From Karadi Tales: 'Babban Hajjam' and 'The Insect Boy'

posted by Preethi Chandrasekhar, September 17, 2018

Karadi Tales releases Babban Hajjam and The Insect Boy, two very unique books! One is based on an old folktale and the other is a curious and fascinating tale about a boy and his many experiences with all kinds of insects, whether mosquitos or bed bugs. There is something else about this book that truly stands out!

These two books are from a set of new releases from from Karadi Tales hat we are really excited to review.

Babban Hajjam

As a kid, one of my earliest memories is a story my mom often told me. It was called Raja Kaadu Kazhida Kaadu, meaning the King has donkey's ears!

When I read the book Babban Hajjam, memories of the folktale my mom used to tell me came flooding back because the story is the same! except for the King in this book whohas a different affliction altogether!

About the book

Hajjams or Barbers in the Kingdom of Rajatpur do not seem to return from King Bhanu Pratap's palace once they give him a haircut! The barbers had to obey the King summons, so they started leaving the Kingdom or changing their professions to not meet the same fate as the others before them. Except for Babban!

Babban was determined to find out about these mysterious disappearances. Since he was the only barber left in the Kingdom, sure enough, he was summoned to give the King a haircut. There he discovers the King's big secret! Of course, the King orders Babban to be imprisoned in the dungeons since he knows the secret now. Babban manages to convince the King to let him stay and give him haircuts and promises to never speak of the secret to any living soul!

What happens next? What is the King's big secret? Does Babban manage to live with such a big secret to guard? Read the book to find out!

What we liked about the book

The story is an adaptation by Ira Saxena of a classic Indian folk tale. As I mentioned before, my mom has a version that is similar yet different, with a takeaway that is also so different from this adaptation! This story's end makes you think about acceptance of flaws and confidence in your own skin which I really loved!

The illustrations by Mayukh Ghosh are vibrant and full of life and color! Visual literacy at its best!

A lovely book on a classic tale to add to your library!

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The Insect Boy

We love the unique book format ideas from Karadi Tales, whether its a book like the Lion's Feast where the reader gets to decide the ending or like this new book 'The Insect Boy' which can be read from "front to back" or "back to front".

About the book

Roy has multiple encounters with insects in his life from the time he is a baby. mosquitoes and bed bugs bite him. Silverfish eat his schoolbooks, bees sting him and so on.

What does Roy do with these experiences? Does he find the insects fascinating and learn more about them? Or does he begin to hate them? Does he become an entomologist or an exterminator? It is your choice!

What we liked about the book

The book makes you think about how it is how you react to a situation that defines how you feel about it. Insect bites could lead to curiosity or aversion. But it is ultimately our reaction that matters. A simple and profound thing that my 7 yr old and I had the opportunity to discuss after we read the book!

The illustrations by Monami Roy are fun and really bring out strong feelings about insects! The book is filled with facts about insects, my daughter found this part fascinating! I found the ideas about eliminating insects more interesting. Guess we know who is reacting in which way now!:)

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