Instant Pot Dhokla | Independence Day Special

posted by Toka Box Editorial Team , August 14, 2018

The 72nd Independence day of India is right around the corner. We even have the Toka History series now through September as part of the Gandhi box! So I decided to go with a grab and go snack recipe from the land of Gujarat and capture the feel of India.

Here comes the famous dhokla recipe - it's not the usual besan dhokla, but it is rava dhokla with veggies sneaked in.

Why a Rava Dhokla?

As I wanted to represent the Indian flag colors in the food, I went with this Rava Dhokla. So for the white color, I used rava. For the saffron, I used shredded carrots, and for the green, I used spinach. For the decoration on top of the dhokla, I used carrots, grated coconut, and cilantro and used the tempering/tadka to represent the chakra. This Rava Dhokla with veggies is a great recipe to talk about the Indian Flag colors.

The Process of Steaming

Along with flag colors, we are also learning the process of steaming and about kitchen gadgets. Steaming is an important cooking method. It is a moist - heat cooking technique. According to Wikipedia, steaming is the process of boiling water continuously, vaporizing to steam and then using the steam to heat food and thus cooking it.

The food is kept separate from the boiling water but has direct contact with the steam, resulting in a moist texture.

Kitchen Gadgets | Instant Pot

Instant Pot website puts it perfectly - Instant pot is an intelligent multi-cooker, capable of completely replacing pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker/porridge maker, saute/browning pan, steamer, yogurt maker and stock pot warmer. Most importantly, Instant Pot cooks meals faster with less energy while preserving more nutrients.

What I like about Instant Pot (IP) is you don't need to monitor and stand before it as we do for other cookers. Also once the food is cooked, it goes to warm mode automatically. Kids can easily press the buttons on the IP and you can teach them some simple recipes with the same. (More IP recipes to come).

For this dhokla recipe, I used the STEAM option and cooked the dhokla for 12 minutes. With the steam option, there is no timer set, so you need to make sure you are turning it off after 12 minutes. That's one drawback with IP, but the pros outnumber the cons, so no complaints here.

Dhokla Ingredients

Dhokla Prep Work

Parental Steps


Chop the Dhokla into small squares or your favorite shapes and serve it with green chutney and sweet chutney.


Toka Chef Moment

The kiddo really enjoyed stirring especially after adding eno. The quick rise was a sight for him to watch. I know it's little too early for me explain the quick fermentation process to him but the mixing and stirring gave him a sense of accomplishment.

Toka Yum Moment

The kiddo enjoyed the dhokla but more than that he liked the crunchier Sesame seeds tempering. He did not complain about the sneaked in spinach and the carrots. :-)

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