How To Raise A Reader?

posted by Toka Box Editorial Team , August 09, 2017

The benefits of reading are indisputable and the task of raising a young reader is monumental. Here are some ways to help parents raise young readers.

BOARD BOOK TIME - Babies and Toddlers

You've probably heard it many times, but here it is once more because it's true: It is never too early to read to your child. Extensive medical and child developmental research has proven the value and the need for early literacy in children. There are several options both in terms of content and physical structure that caters to babies and infants - cloth books, board books, water-resistant bath books, and books with textures, reflective surfaces, and sensory buttons. Here's what to do besides having access to books:

These will give your baby her first exposure to the anatomy of a book - book covers, pages, text, and images. They are also the first step towards print awareness and language building. Besides, it will be her earliest introduction to a life-long friend!

THE PICTURE BOOK AGE - Preschoolers & Early Readers

Let's never underestimate the power of picture books - they are one of the most influential mediums for children. In a picture book format, half the story is told through complementing the art. When children are at a stage they cannot read independently, this becomes essential. Illustrations are a gateway not just to art, but to learning through details as well.

I'm always in awe of the multitude and diversity of themes that come in picture books - from everyday silliness, values, universal emotions, childhood challenges, growth milestones, history, magic - you name it, there's a book (mostly well-written) on it! Here's what more you could do at this stage -

CHAPTER BOOK PHASE - Early Readers and Lower Elementary Kids

Your child is reading, yay! But don't stop reading to her. They are two different things. Your child is probably discovering and getting acquainted with the pleasures of independent reading. Do your best to keep it going. Here are a few ideas:

The most beautiful aspect about raising a reader is how much you can rely on books as parent - to soothe and calm your baby, for bedtime routines and wonderful stories, for milestones like potty-training or first day of school, and for nurturing virtues, and most importantly for creating a lifelong love for learning in your child!

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Penned by - Author Meera Sriram

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