7 Great Gift Alternatives to Toys

posted by Gomathi Kannan, July 30, 2018

Looking for gifts for children? Want to give something other than toys as a birthday gift? We have some wonderful ideas!

Being parents of toddlers comes with inevitable commitments like attending birthday parties of our children's friends.

Recently, we were invited to a birthday party of our son's classmate whom we barely knew! The Invitation read- "No Gifts Please". My son was very eager to attend his friend's birthday party but I was rather confused. How could I attend a birthday party of a toddler and gift nothing?

What if they had mentioned it just for a formality? What if we were the only guest of the lot who came with empty hands? To top it all, I felt a great injustice is being met to that toy craving heart! I decided to interrogate the birthday boy`s mom- the host- about this 'No Gift Tradition'. Her justification was that they had enough toys and wanted nothing more!

So now I decided to get a gift that is not a toy! I quickly put a list of choices that I thought would be unique gifts for the next party you might attend. I did pick one from it.

Gift of Memories

Photo industries offer a wide variety of Personalized products. They personalize almost any usable item with memories of loved ones- Birthday cards,cakes, photo books, custom made videos, albums, scrap books, frames, cubes, magnets, personalized clothing, blankets, bags to name a few! After all a gift is something to remember you by!


Knowledge comes either from education or experience. We do not have enough time to experience all that this world has to offer in our lifespan, hence books are undoubtedly our treasure box.Books are the best gift especially for a child! Children`s book are in plenty, attractive and very creative. Truly hard to pick just one!

Beginner Craft Kit

A Craft beginner set is a great way to introduce a kid to a new hobby, which might even turn into their passion. There are various ready-made kits available in store for origami, knitting, quilling, bead making, stitching, embroidery, doodle making and many more. You can also put together a kit by yourself, with few tool essentials and idea suggestions.

Gift of Life

Gift them a pot along with a sapling or a seed. Gardening is empowering. There is a sense of achievement and responsibility in nurturing a life. You can also gift them a pet - a caterpillar, snail, reptile, fish, bird or even a dog. But you might want to get the approval of their parents beforehand.

A Piggy Bank

It Might be a traditional and simple gift, but a must have for all kids. Paired with proper guidance and conditional enforcement, kids cultivate a healthy habit of saving, better understand money management, prioritize needs based on finance, practice budget and ration system thereby reducing wastage. It molds them into a sensible adult.


Memberships and coupons to zoo, museums, indoor and outdoor play areas, athletic clubs, gyms ,classes and camps can be a great gift. You are giving them a chance to create great memories, experience new adventures and a chance to not miss out on any special event at their favorite place.

Subscription Boxes

Subscriptions boxes are excellent gifts for children. This is a great way to engage children indoors especially during the no-school-days. Little ones love to receive a package addressed to them. They are eager to learn/understand/enjoy the contents of the box. With such boxes, its time well spent.

Toka Box was my choice of ideal gift, a gift that covers a majority of the choices offered above clubbed as one subscription box! The themes of each month are exciting! Each box contains three items. There is an informative book each month that sheds light on a topic which we might not have a chance to talk to/educate the kid about otherwise. Then you have a craft/game that goes along with the theme of the month which helps the kids understand the concept by a fun practical session. And finally, the box has a Toka Chef recipe that your child can do with minimal help from the parents, encouraging a healthy dish and a happy bonding time!

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