Book Review - Catch That Crocodile by Anushka Ravishankar

posted by R's Mom , August 31, 2013

What would you say about a book which has a lovely green cover?

And uses very minimalist colors in the illustrations - green, black, white.

I would call it brilliant.

Catch that Crocodile by Anushka Ravishankar, and illustrated by Pulak Biswas, is an amazing tale of a crocodile which enters a town. First discovered by Falguni the fruitseller, the story goes ahead to describe the havoc the presence of the crocodile creates in the town. From the policeman to the doctor, to the wrestler who is the iron man, everyone tries to get rid of the crocodile. Who finally manages to get the crocodile back to the river, is the delightful ending to the story.

R, my 5-year-old, got scared the first time I read the book for her on the bus. She was like oh Amma, what will happen, as we kept turning the pages. But she made me read it again and again. She loved the way the word effects are created in the book. (Guess, I did a decent job of reading it aloud as well!)

What we loved about the book

1. The illustrations, simple, clean but very very effective

2. The actual lines of the story. The rhyming words, the lovely effects which could be created when reading the story aloud

Sample this - Hayakilikilieeeeeeeiyaayyeyhehehe says the wrestler while payayaaaaaaaaaa says the fruit seller

3. The Indian feel to the book

4. The simple story which will appeal to any age group

5. The lovely way the subtle message of flooding and the ecosystem can be taught to children

6. The absolutely delightful yet simple ending.

This book would be wonderful for reading aloud to a group of children in a book reading session.

Much recommended.

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