A Beautiful Book about Truck Art from Pakistan

posted by Preethi Chandrasekhar, February 27, 2017

About This Truck Has Got To be Special

Many a times, we see kids go crazy over the huge containers that rule the road. I'm sure they would have imagined what it is like to drive a big beast proudly around. Here comes the book, "This Truck Has Got to be Special", written by Anjum Rana that speaks to them.

I have to mention the fact that the art illustrations by Sameer Kulavoor are eye-catchy. They bring the truck and the book to life. As the author shares experiences of the truck driver, she takes us through important historic routes. She paints the beauty of regions that we would want to view. We spoke to Anjum Rana and Sameer Kulavoor.

The Story

This Truck Has Got To Be Special is the story of a Pakistani truck driver, who by his hard work has made a truck he drove for many years, his very own. Now, the proud owner of a magnificent truck, he excitedly adorns it with customized designs. He approaches the best of truck artists he knew and makes his truck a moving work of art.

Through her powerful writing skill, the author softly injects the importance of hard work and motivates the readers to take every step towards their dreams with passion and love. This book is more than just about trucks and art. I could imagine sitting in the truck and travelling to a whole new place, visualizing new people, their occupation, scenic locations, their vegetation,rivers etc., of the areas as I read the book.

What is Truck Art?

Indigenous to Pakistan and some south-Asian countries, truck art is actually many art forms merged into one. Truck art combines painting, carpentry, calligraphy, metal works and art of the bazaars or market (which specializes in landscapes and iconic representations of birds and animals).

Truck art usually covers the entire surface of the vehicle - the crown above windshield, the bonnet, the fender,the back and sides,the cabin space, and even the wheels, ceilings and mirrors. They are done in regular truck-yards surround by the smells and sounds of automobile world. Further more, truck art is special because the aesthetics can be personalized for each truck according to its owner.

The Verdict

My neighbours kids, a 7-year old girl and 5- year old boy found this book interesting and exciting. It not the usual fantasy and humor story that they usually prefer. But, this book helps kids appreciate jobs/professions that are unheard of. It emphasises with those who have risen from privation. This book has got to be special. So go ahead, grab a book of your own to experience this sumptuous ride!

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