8 Ways to Draw an Elephant

posted by Gayathri Manikandan, January 09, 2017

8 Ways to Draw an Elephant is an interesting mix of Indian Art traditions presented in the most adorable form, the Elephant. Targeted for ages 3 and up, this book presents interesting facts about elephants intertwining it with Indian art forms like Meenakshi, Sohrai, Mata ni Pachedi and more.

Apart from art, this book got us talking about patterns, shapes, motifs and our other elephant friends (they are on a parade below).

The quality of the book is amazing and it holds up after coloring without bleeding or wearing off. I decided to sign the pictures on my daughter's behalf as I felt few of them could wait, considering her age, and it will be a nice way to record how her thought process progresses.

So, here is the parade of our trunked friends. To start off, we decided to warm up with a herd of colorful elephants.

Then came Elmer, the patchwork elephant.

Next, we were excited to meet someone just like Gajapati Kulapati with a tummy full of food. We experimented with ladies finger and paint.

Oh boy, this guy is in dire need of some nail paints (Ranganna's clan, we are sure!)

Overall, this book is an interesting way to introduce Indian art to young children.

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