5 Reasons To Give Your Child the Gift of Yoga!

posted by vyomi , June 21, 2017

International Yoga Day is celebrated around the world on 21st June this year. Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices. Have you ever wonder if children should try yoga? Do you wonder what benefits your toddlers gain from practicing this ancient art?

Enrolling kids in a Yoga class for tiny tots or practicing your routine with children is a great way to bond with them and give them a gift of a lifetime!


5 ways the gift of yoga can benefit toddlers

While there are numerous benefits of practicing yoga regularly, here are 5 ways the gift of yoga can benefit children,

Improved Motor Skills

Basic Yoga poses help improve gross and fine motor skills while increasing flexibility and balance. Kids will learn how to use their body muscles in new ways thus enhancing coordination.

Active lifestyle

Practicing Yoga promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. It also known to improve digestion and helps children sleep better.

A Stress buster

We are leading highly stressful lives and our children are also exposed to stress unfortunately. Regular yoga routine helps hyperactive children relax and unwind. It helps them calm themselves. This will result in a more peaceful household.

Improve focus

Most kids have a short attention span and find it hard to focus on something for long. Yoga helps improve your child's concentration and balance. This will in turn positively impact focus in schoolwork.

Boost confidence

Yoga helps increase your child's awareness of his/her body. It offers an outlet for children to express themselves. Also, when your child masters a pose it gives them a new sense of self worth and achievement.

So go on, this June 21st, enjoy some Yoga time with your children and inculcate in them a good habit for a lifetime. Happy International Yoga Day!

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